Jericho, Vermont

Chartered in 1763 

Jericho Water Districts

Village of Jericho
4B Redmill Dr.
PO Box 363, Jericho VT 05465
899-2938, Donna Malinowski, Asst. Clerk Office Hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10am to 2pm
Part of Champlain Water District 864-7454

Jericho Underhill Water District
PO Box 174, Underhill VT 05489
Marc or Jane Maheux 899-3810

Jericho Fire District #1
Serving the Foothills of Jericho

Jericho Heights Water Cooperative
Deed recorded in land records Volume 97 Page 44 December 6, 1988
No contact information available

Jericho East
No contact information available, as of February 2017 part of Village of Jericho Inc for water services but not actually in the Village boundary. They receive an “Annual Benefit Assessment Fee” – please contact the Village of Jericho Inc. for more information, 899-2938
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