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Jericho, Vermont
Chartered in 1763

Jericho Trails Committee

The Jericho Trails Committee was established by the Selectboard as an advisory committee to help maintain existing non-motorized public trails and pathways, educate the public on their use, and identify and assist in creating new public trails and pathways.  

Designated uses of non-motorized trails and pathways may include walking, running, skiing, biking, and horseback riding.  An inventory of trails and pathways, and their designated uses, will be kept at the Jericho Town Hall and on the Jericho website. 

After assisting in the creation and distribution of materials regarding existing trails and pathways, the committee will identify potential new trails and pathways for non-motorized travel to schools and businesses, and for recreation, and recommend that the Selectboard pursue their creation.  Any public use of a trail on private land must be made with the permission of the private landowner.  

The Jericho Trails Committee meets every 3rd Thursday of each month. Chairman John Abbott can be reached at (802) 324-3694.

Trails Committee members:  

  • Michael Finn, term expires 2018
  • Steven Schwartz, term expires 2018
  • John Abbott (Chair), term expires 2018
  • Jim Carroll, term expires 2019
  • Stewart Brineger, term expires 2019
  • Dan Treinis, term expires 2019
  • Patrice Dezon-Gaillard, term expires 2020
  • Adam Popkin, term expires 2020

Comprehensive Town Plan Maps

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