Jericho, Vermont

Chartered in 1763 

Jericho Town Health Officer

The Town Health Officer (THO) is recommended by Town Government Officials, and appointed by the Vermont Commissioner of Health for a three year term.  The role of the THO is defined in the Vermont State Statutes, Title 18, Chapter 11 (18VSA Ch. 11 §§ 601-624).

THO's are given the authority by the VT statutes to investigate and mitigate any potential or existing public health hazard in the town.  Each town has a local board of health, made up of the Selectboard & THO.  The Town Health officer investigates all complaints, and has authority to take emergency mitigation steps, and may enforce and state health regulations and local health ordinances in their town.

The THO investigates issues related to:

  • VT Rental Housing Code-in regards to Sanitation Facilities, rubbish issues, insects, rodents and heating
  • sewage/septic system issues
  • lead paint laws
  • asbestos issues
  • follow ups on reported animal bites and work jointly with animal control when required.



Contact Info:  (802) 899-9970 x 3

Richard Bernstein, M.D. 



Role of a Town Health Officer

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